Tessell DBaaS for AWS

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Tessell is a cloud-native DBaaS that is revolutionizing data infrastructure and management for cloud-born and cloud-defining enterprises.

Tessell works well with your choice of cloud and offers self-service access based on policies, DevOps integration, full production monitoring, and lifecycle management for Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Milvus, and MongoDB database engines.

Leveraging the high-performance NVMe storage capabilities of the cloud, Tessell excels in handling demanding production workloads and optimizing database consolidation for maximum economic efficiency.

Tessell’s robust, cross-region replication capabilities and high-performance data infrastructure make it the optimal choice for hosting mission-critical databases. With an intuitive deployment process that eliminates manual data management tasks, Tessell liberates developers and data engineers to focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and driving business triumphs.

Tessell is available in AWS Marketplace.

This lab will walk you through the steps of creating a Tessell database service on AWS, and configuring the needed parameters. At the end of this lab, you will have a database instance ready to be used.

Signup for Tessell

1. Sign Up

Visit Tessell website to sign up for a Tessell-hosted free trial. Sign up with any existing email address.


2. Verify the signup by clicking on the verification link received in the mail.

3. Tessell Free credits will be provided to use the service.

4. Log in to your Tessell account.


The examples and sample code provided in this workshop are intended to be consumed as instructional content. These will help you understand how various AWS services can be architected to build a solution while demonstrating best practices along the way. These examples are not intended for use in production environments.